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Blackjack is a popular card game of skills. Try our online blackjack gaming software for free in order to improve your gambling results.

Games Blackjack Variations

There are a lot of online blackjack variations like Spanish 21 or Pontoon, which differ in their rules significantly. Learn more about twenty one modifications in our section games blackjack.

Parlay Betting System

Parlay betting system is one of most widely used playing strategies in blackjack game. Learn how to apply Parlay technique and beat the dealer easily.

Online Casinos

Online casinos seem to be the same only at first sight. However, all of them provide various playing conditions for different gambling games. Learn which online casinos offer the best gaming options for blackjack here.

Blackjack Women Players

A lot of women have managed to achieve astonishing success in blackjack. Learn which methods the most famous women players use to hit the house in twenty one game.

Expert Advice on How to Play Blackjack in Casino UK


Blackjack is a favorite casino game of thousands of players throughout the United Kingdom. Who knows, maybe it becomes your favorite, too, but before that happens, you have actually to try it. That is why we prepared a guide on how to play blackjack in a casino in the UK so that you can know what to expect.

How to Play Blackjack Online for Money

Here is a quick guide that will explain all the details regarding playing blackjack online for actual cash:

  1. Find the desired casino. It is important to consider reliability, security, and available bonuses. Register for an account (it is free).
  2. Deposit funds to your account. Go to the cashier menu and pick the desired method.
  3. Choose your favorite blackjack variation. The majority of casinos offers the basic version, but others also provide some other variants. Additionally, you may test your luck in sessions against real dealers.

How to Play 21 Blackjack Card Game

You might come across several different blackjack variations, but we will focus on the basic version of the game and the default casino rules.

The crucial thing you want to know is how to win the game. It is vital to note that you only have to beat the dealer, and you do not play against other players. The primary goal is to reach a hand value that totals 21 or is as close to 21 as possible. However, the trick is that you are not allowed to go over 21. If your hand value exceeds that number, you immediately lose the game because you are “busted.”

After placing the initial bets, the dealer gets to dealing the cards. Each player and themselves get two cards. The players publicly reveal their set while the dealer hides one of the cards. Now it is up to players to ask for another card (hit) or choose to remain with what they have (stand). These are basic moves, but you also have split, double, and some other moves depending on the casino rules.

The dealer also takes cards (if they deem that necessary), and then we move to hand comparison. Apart from being as close to 21, you also have to be closer to that number than the dealer to win.

For many players blackjack is the only game, which really should be played. They do not understand the attractiveness of slots and roulette, though some of them like poker, they believe in their skills and never rely upon luck, they use well-known strategies but always eager to develop something new. They are blackjack players!

Each casino player heard, that there is no game more complicated than blackjack. Newbies agree with this statement completely, players of games of chance skeptically think that there is nothing complicated in game where all you need is to keep an eye at cards, blackjack professionals smile mysterious and only Blackjack Means Money website try to explain everything in details. Be sure, that reading our researches in blackjack game you will become one of those, who are able to estimate blackjack as it is without prejudice and bias.

In order to understand blackjack game you should know some general facts about the game. The main object of blackjack, which is common for all game variations, is to beat the dealer's card combination by getting the total value of cards higher than he or she has. The only limitation here is not to exceed the critical amount of 21 points, because in such case you would be regarded as loser. For some people it seems very easy to do, for others – it seems to be the most complicated point in all casino games. No matter what your point is, in order to play blackjack practice is as mush important as knowledge of theory. So do not waste your time, start reading and open a world of blackjack gambling, world full of money and fantastic emotions!

Some people think that blackjack is a game which requires strong mathematic skills. To be honest, this statement is absolutely absurd. The only mathematical action you should know is addition and subtraction. And you should use simple numbers! It is very easy and even a 10 years old child could do that. All you really need in to be very attentive and not to distract at other players or some events which take place beside the blackjack table. In blackjack all cards are associated with certain quantity of points, which gamblers need to know by heart in order to hit the house. So take care to learn all of them! We hope that you've understoodб that knowledge of blackjack theory is vital for wise gambling and ou will always try to learn more to be able to play like a pro!

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Blackjack Classes

If you have never tried playing blackjack or just want to improve your skills, visit our blackjack classes and learn more about twenty one card counting and betting strategies.

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Blackjack Hands

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