Interesting and useful facts abous most famous blackjack women players

It is an objective fact that blackjack is a game of skill first of all, which means that each player, who has enough strong desire to learn black jack rules and strategies in order to exploit them in practice properly, could reach really astonishing winning results disregarding various quirks of fate.

There are a lot of examples of successful blackjack gamblers, who have mastered card counting and different useful betting strategies such as Labouchere or Martingale betting system ideally and due to their ability to implement them properly managed to hit the house on the continuing basis.

In this section we would like to describe most interesting and amazing stories about successful blackjack women players in order to prove that blackjack is absolutely unprejudiced and objective card game, which is opened for any player.

Monica Reeves

Monica Reeves is one of the most outstanding personalities in modern black jack history, who is considered to be a qualified poker and blackjack gambler.

She was born in 1972 in Ontario and firstly worked as a professional model starting her gambling career just in 2005 following the advice of her good friend and patient teacher Jim Worth.

This guy had been training Monica during 9 months before she tried her knowledge and skills in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour where she took the 2nd place in women competition.

Moreover, Monica also won quite decent financial reward, which allowed her to quit the previous job once and for all and concentrated all the efforts on blackjack playing skills' upgrading.

Cathy Hulbert

Cathy Hulbert is another talented American blackjack women player, who is actually considered to be the best female gambler ever.

She had been practicing blackjack for more than 15 years encouraging other women players with her amazing winning results to try their strengths in the sphere of blackjack.

After several years of working in the New York State Senate Cathy understood that there is something missing in her life and moved to Las Vegas to work as a blackjack dealer recalling that she was rather successful in card games during her student years.

There, she joined to the MIT Blackjack Team under the leadership of great blackjack gambler Ken Uston, which helped her to consummate her playing skills.

Nowadays Cathy takes an active part in promotion of gambling games among women all over the world.

Angie Hardy

Angie Hardy is a professional blackjack female player, who practices playing blackjack for profit even at present days.

Once Angie was left with her two little daughters without any financial support, she decided to try herself in some field that would bring her enough means for life and chose blackjack game in order to reach the goal.

Angie Hardy appeared to be a diligent and quite supernormal pupil as she has rapidly become famous due to her astonishing wins in the World Series of Blackjack and the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.