Black Jack Rules

There are few players who identify blackjack as twenty one, irrespective of the fact how you identify the game, the idea and thoughts around the game of blackjack came apparent in the book of Edward O Thorp in the year of 1962 which actually brought up a revolution in the game of blackjack. The label of book was designated as Beat-the-Dealer which also emerged as bestselling book on blackjack.


Game blackjack revolves around the deck of cards numbering from 1,2,4,6 or 8. They are casinos which have frequent shuffling machines. In game of sole or dual deck, the dealer keeps hold of cards & deals them. In games with multi decks the cards get dealt from a box known as shoe. Casinos are coming up with frequent shufflers that will hold and shuffle the cards.

When played the game as hand held, the faces of cards are kept down and gamblers are supposed to choose up on the cards. However the rule changes for the shoe game where gamblers are restricted to touch the cards.

The idea of game revolves around beating dealer. If the gamblers card is higher without exceeding over the value twenty one, the gambler wins. The gambler must not intent to be close the value twenty one. Whoever busts the opposite player wins, say dealer busts, the gambler wins and if the gambler busts the dealer wins. The gambler gets to play first and if the gambler busts dealer loses.


Irrespective of the card, the suit doesn't have any impact on game. The card from 2 to 10 has the face value irrespective of the suit. Every card with face is worth the value of 10. The value of Ace can vary from 1 and 11.

Queen and five will sum up to fifteenth total of an Ace & a five will either be six or 16. Hand missing on an Ace also is known as hard hand reason being it has sole value. Hand with Ace is considered to be soft hand reason being the value could differ. In instances of soft hand with three cards is drawn, the value of Ace will be considered as eleven and the total will be exceeding twenty one thus making the hand hard hand.

For instance if an Ace gets played, following which three, you own four or fourteen, if the card with ten is drawn, and the Ace is considered as the value eleven the hand will bust and you would be defeated.

Blackjack table

The Blackjack is played on an extraordinary table with semi circle being shape. There are separate areas as circles or squares made for each gambler. One must own chips from dealer to start off. Check on how to get casino chips. The space forward is used to play the gamble and the ships in the space are considered as gamble and the game begins.