Use blackjack Martingale, Labouchere and Parley betting system correctly

It is widely known and generally accepted that blackjack is a game of skills mainly while the role of luck is not crucial for the final outcome whether players win or not.

The sense is that the whole blackjack playing process is based on mathematics and gamblers success depends exactly on their willingness to learn black jack rules and their abilities to apply theoretical knowledge in practice correctly.

There are several blackjack betting strategies such as Martingale or Parlay betting system that are highly recommendable to understand and master in order to decrease the house odds and improve the winning chances.

Parlay betting system

Parlay betting system, or 'Let it ride' system, is grounded on positive progression strategy and is very similar to Paroli betting system.

The idea behind Parlay strategy is not new and could be referred to the algorithm, which banks exploit to compute compounding interest. Initially, the betting system was used for making bets in horse races and later came into blackjack game with tiny modifications for some game's rules. It is also considered that Parlay strategy is one of the most successful variations of Martingale betting method.

The sense of the system is that player need to increase the value of their bets for each following step adding the amount of their initial bet plus winnings (or some part of them in case you are risk-averse person) they have got.

Martingale Betting System

Martingale betting system seems to be the predecessor of majority modern betting systems and is based on negative progression concept.

The strategy is implemented in the following way: players begin with making 1 unit bet and in case they win they remain the bet value for the next round the same while in case of loosing gamblers need to increase their wager twofold.

Playing in such way, you would cover all your previous losses and get an extra profit equal to your original bet value when you beat the dealer eventually.

Labouchere Betting System

Labouchere betting system is a bright example of good and well-thought negative progressive strategy, which is also called a cancellation or crossout system.

The sense of the playing method is that gamblers note a series of numbers and further add the number at the very beginning and the end of this row in order to determine the bet's value they would make.

In case players win they strikethrough the numbers used and continue betting using the rest of the numbers in a series while in case of losing gamblers write down the sum of used numbers at the end of existing row and continue playing according to usual scheme.